The college hostel is within walking distance from college. It consists of seven blocks with accommodation for 1000 students. There is a facility of internet with 20 computers in the hostel. In the hostel premises there is a reading room and multi-purpose “Shujaat Ali Memorial Hall” where different indoor sports and functions are arranged. Moreover, MBBS Professional Examinations of the students of Fatima Jinnah Medical University are also conducted there. A modern gymnasium is available in the hostel. Two very comfortable visitor rooms are also available in the hostel. Well maintained cafeteria caters to the nutritional requirements of students. Water purification plants are functional round the clock in College, hospital and hostel.


Hostel Committee is responsible for the hostel affairs, headed by Vice Chancellor and comprising the Chief Warden, Wardens, Hostel Superintendent and housekeepers.
Boarders from other cities should report to the Hostel Superintendent (Mrs. Rashida Waseem). They will be allocated rooms on the same day. Initially dormitories will be occupied by the first year students and later on they will be accommodated in group of four students in tri-seater rooms at the time of regular allotment. Single rooms are not allotted to the junior classes.

Rules and SOPs

Enlisted below are some major rules and SOPs of the hostel:

  •  Applicable to All Residents of FJMU Hostels
  •  Allotment Policy according to merit (Marks obtained)
  • All boarders will ensure that their visitors know the Hostel visiting time laid down by the administration and do observe them.
  • Boarders will not leave the hostel without prior permission of the concerned House Keeper.
  • Only the visitors duly allowed by the parents/guardians will be allowed to visit during the specified hours.
  • Daily attendance at 07:00 PM is mandatory in all Blocks.
  • Keeping/ use of electrical gadgets/appliances (i.e. air-conditioning units, electrical heaters, microwave ovens and room coolers) is not allowed in the Hostel.
  • Day-scholars are not allowed to visit without proper permission.
  • All rules and regulations laid down in the college prospectus are to be observed strictly.
  • “Self-Medication” is not allowed in the Hostel. Boarders needing any treatment/medication/consultation will have to report it to the House keeper who will arrange/facilitate/ required procedure in the emergency sections of the hospital in accordance with the laid down SOPs.Parent’s written consent for surgical procedures is mandatory.
  • All blocks will have a complaint/suggestion book, at a prominent/accessible place for the boarders to enter their complaints/suggestions conveniently.
  • Boarders leaving the hostel (for holidays or any other reason) will give a written notice to this effect to the House Keeper clearly   specifying “the time-out” “destination” and “expected time of return” before leaving the hostel. In this regard parents of the students will clearly nominate the person with whom the student could go home and return to the hostel.If they allow the student to commute alone they should clearly specify this as well.